Month: July 2021

EMPIR Research potential project for blood pressure measurements

First stakeholder workshop, September 2 2021

An important step in achieving project goals is the dissemination of the project results to project stakeholders. To achieve this, we had the first stakeholder workshop on September 2nd 2021. We presented our stakeholders and interested parties project result; furthermore we discussed problems and importance related to accurate blood pressure measurements and finally, we had…
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Newsletter No. 1

To keep our stakeholders constantly updated on project development, decided to regularly create and distribute a newsletter. First newsletter of our project was distributed at the beginning of July. Would you like to receive it as well? Subscribe here: Project adOSSIG: Newsletter.

List of state-of-the-art commercial simulators

One of activities in the development of the advanced oscillometric generator (aOSG) was the identification of commercially available simulators of oscillometric signals and, where possible, investigation of their strengths and weaknesses. 23 simulators from 11 producers were identified.The evaluation summarised in the table below was strictly done based on manufacturer specifications (from manuals where these…
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Raising broader public awareness

Gregor Geršak from the University of Ljubljana was interviewed in one of the largest Slovenian newspapers Nedeljski dnevnik (82 000 copies in a 2-million-people country). The topic was blood pressure measuring devices, clinical validations and simulators in general. The adOSSIG project was presented and some of its practical functionalities explained.