IMEKO 2021: 2 papers published

EMPIR Research potential project for blood pressure measurements

Consortium partners have submitter 2 papers to IMEKO XXIII World congress (IMEKO2021) . These are published in Measurement: Sensors.

Physiology-based patient simulator for blood pressure meter testing

Nowadays, the accuracy of automated oscillometric non-invasive blood pressure meters is evaluated in hospitals
by means of clinical validations, in which the device’s measurements are compared to manually measured blood
pressure, performed by trained medical staff using manual sphygmomanometers. Because of the clinical validations being costly, time demanding and logistically challenging, special devices for testing blood pressure
meters were designed. This, so-called patient simulators are electromechanical devices capable of generating
oscillometric signals. Using the very repeatable and stable simulators, blood pressure meters can be evaluated
and their accuracy tested. Recently, a novel type of simulator, based on physiologically real-life oscillometric
signals recorded on real patients, were introduced. First evaluations of the physiologically-based simulator are

Smart specialisation concept in metrology for blood and intraocular pressure measurements


Metrology for medical devices represents for many national metrology institutes (NMIs) a challenging field. Although the required uncertainties might be many folds worse than in case of industrial or fundamental metrology, the medical metrology requires not only quantity specific knowledge, but also understanding of the medical or physiological background of the quantities measured. This creates for many smaller NMIs an obstacle in providing traceability to these measuring instruments. To improve the situation in this field by Smart Specialisation Concept, three projects within European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research were initiated.