Project adOSSIG is looking for stakeholders

EMPIR Research potential project for blood pressure measurements

Consortium of eight European NMIs (national metrology institutes) & one university is currently working in an European metrology research program (EMPIR) 18RPT02 adOSSIG – Developing an infrastructure for improved and harmonised metrological checks of blood-pressure measurements. The project has started on June 1st 2019 and is coordinated by CMI.

This project aims to improve the reliability and accuracy of blood pressure (BP) measurements by developing an advanced oscillometric signal generator (aOSG) and by establishing new calibration procedures and services for blood pressure metrology.

Furthermore, the project will establish a competence centre for blood pressure metrology and create a network for blood pressure metrology consisting of NMIs, DIs, surveillance bodies and medical professionals.

Essential for reaching project goals is a close interaction with stakeholders and collaborators in order to gather feedback concerning the needs of end-users of sphygmomanometers.  The stakeholders and collaborators will have the opportunity to help shaping the direction of the project, participate in international workshops organised by the consortium, get access to the outcome of the project and/or become members of the working group on “advanced blood pressure metrology”.

If you are interested in accuracy and traceability of modern BP measuring devices, we would welcome you among our stakeholders. You can contact us from the project website.

On behalf of the adOSSIG project consortium,

Václav Sedlák
Czech metrology institute